Pear King Size Bed

Pear King Size Bed made with plywood has modern design and great storage space .

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Pear King Size Bed offers you ample storage space . the storage drawer at both the sides of the bed provides you with a flexibility of keeping your necessary books , medicines and other important documents near you . also the storage box underneath the gives you decent space to store seasonal clothes , heavy blankets , travel bags and many more . Pear King Size Bed has been designed by the craftsmen to completely blend with the modern design of your bedroom .


  • For protecting your furniture from fading, make sure you keep your furniture away from the window or any other place where it comes in contact with direct sunlight.
  • Make sure you clean your furniture item regularly with a soft damp cloth, it will help you maintain the life of furniture for a long run.
  • Make sure you place hot pad or coaster before placing warm or cold items directly on the surface of furniture.


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